[NTLK] ethernet woes

William James whjames67 at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 11 18:41:40 EDT 2016

Hi, I've been on here for sometime, and have never chimed in. Recently I have been trying to get my PowerBook 1400 up and running with the Orinoco Gold card. Like the latter Newts, it will only accept a 16 bit card. It ran perfectly before our recent move to a small very rural town. When we first moved here, I had to have them switch out the wireless router for one that was WEP capable. 

That worked for two weeks, then no dice, no connection for my PB 1400 or my Messagepad 2100 and eMate. I replaced iCab on the PowerBook with Classilla, it took 2 hours of playing around in the preferences, but it is now finally working. I switched the ISP server connect from the default 1.1 to 1.0, and on the proxy as well. Still no luck with the Newts. 

I am a complete novice on this, which makes me embarrassed to post (even though I have been using Newts since 1994), but can it be that the internet connect package on the 2000/2100/emate, is just not capable to cope with newer ISP servers?


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In my case, I had problem with WiFi cards. What helped me: I just create new internet setup settings and I swapped card for second. I know this last is strange but it works ;)

Another thing: If you don’t use WiFi, try delete WiFi drivers pkg. And delete unused drivers pkg.’s for other LAN card. Sometimes it make problems.

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On 15 Jun 2016, at 12:56, Scott Ticknor <ticknor at me.com> wrote:

> Hey list,
> I am having a heck of a time with my ethernet cards all of a sudden. I have three cards for my 2100: a Farallon, a 3com megahertz, and a 3com 589d. All are supported and have been working fine. But recently i have been unable to get any of them to “engage” properly. When i use the connect sheet, the loading screen appears, the light briefly appear on the card connector, then goes out. Meanwhile, the loading bar completes and thinks it has succeeded (I use a static IP for my connection setting). But when an application tries to get any data, i get an error (i forget which one, for share, maybe error (2)?).
> It’s the same for every card. Meanwhile, my Orinoco card works perfectly. I tried creating new connection profiles, etc. I am sure i remember someone having this problem before. Any ideas? Reload all the NIE stuff perhaps?
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