[NTLK] Bulk removing name cards

Mark Crutch mark.crutch at gmail.com
Mon Aug 21 12:37:32 EDT 2017

I recently fired up my Newton 2100 for the first time in far too long in
order to update some phone numbers. Whilst in there I decided that a
clear-out was in order, as the Names application still contains business
contacts (and fast food joints) from a long time ago, which I'll never need

Now I may be missing something obvious, but I couldn't work out how to bulk
delete entries. I can do one at a time, by editing (and scribbling out) the
name. But although I can tick several names in the overview, I can't see an
option to delete the selected ones.

Have I overlooked something straightforward? Or will I need a third-party
package to provide that option?


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