[NTLK] Newton cartoon in Linux Magazine

Mark Crutch mark.crutch at gmail.com
Sun Dec 3 07:21:14 EST 2017

I've been meaning to post this for the past couple of weeks, but kept
forgetting - so sorry about that.

I write the "Elvie" cartoon that appears in Linux Magazine (Linux Pro
Magazine in North America), and we do try to drop the odd Newton in from
time to time. The cartoon in issue #205, however, uses the Newton as a
major part of the set-up for the joke (but not as the punchline!).

If anyone's interested in taking a look, issue #205 is dated "December
2017" and should be on news stands now. However Christmas has thrown out
the publishing schedules, so #206 is already arriving with subscribers and
will replace the previous edition in the shops in the next few days. Once
again, sorry for not posting sooner - I thought I had at least another week
before the next edition was out.

If you do miss out, all our comics are under a Creative Commons license and
we will eventually post it online, complete with the source files used to
create it. We are permanently many months behind schedule, though, so it
might not go live for quite some time yet. The CC-BY-SA license does mean
that if anyone were to buy the magazine and scan the strip they would be
within their rights to post the image to the list or host it on a website,
provided they supply a suitable attribution.

I will, of course, post here again when it does finally make it to our site.


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