[NTLK] Need help with classifying a Newton 120

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Sun Dec 3 17:54:39 EST 2017

Hi all,

after having searched the web for two hours, I am more confused than when I

My current project is rebuilding a Newton 120. This is a very special 120,

a) it has backlight (the electronic board is in the pen silo)
b) the speaker has been disconnected and replaced with a headphone plug in
the battery compartment
c) there is an additional foil covering the the digitizer. This foil
contains a black rectangle that obstructs the standard silk screen buttons.
There are only two silk screen buttons on this foil: Keypad (yellow logo,
two concentric circles) and Extras (same logo in purple).

Until two hours ago I was under the impression that this device has been
custom-made by Digital Ocean (David Watson), and that it was used as a
museum guide, for example at the Smithsonian, running software made by a
company called Visible Interactive.

But, as I have recently read, Visible Interactive was using a Newton 130
called the Eye-Q. Surprisingly, I haven't been able to locate an image of
this machine. Does anyone here could provide me with an URL or send images
of the Eye-Q?

Would anyone here happen to know who made and who used the animal I have on
my workbench? And if the (obviously custom) software that must have run on
this device is still available somewhere?

Thanks in advance


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