[NTLK] Navigating the web with the newton

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Hi Abraham

Don't feel any pressure.  I appreciate the creative energy you're bringing to the project and look forward to hearing some good news later in 2018.  Have a great time with your family and loved ones.

Warm regards

Tony Kan

New Zealand

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My plan to get the newton read https pages consists on adapting this project https://github.com/tghw/macproxy and strip any modern convenience that newton browsers don't need.

The plan is make the zero do the grunt work while leaving the newton only the task of rendering the final product.

Unfortunately this is a weekend-to-weekend project and with holydays approaching I don't think I will be able to do anything soon (I still have to solder about 10 atari punk synths that will be the stocking stuffers of my nephews).

So probably there will be at least a month until I can post a significant update. And I don't know if something like this will be useful only for me.
But I think having a pi as a sort of coprocessor to the newton may open new avenues to keep our green machines useful in the connected world.

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