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Forrest Buffenmyer newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 2 02:07:00 EST 2017

On Wednesday, February 1, 2017 at 5:34 pm Tony Kan wrote:

> Connecting to a "modern" PC requires installing a virtual machine with XP on it.  This is a very reliable set up.  
> You might need to occupy one of your slots with a serial port adapter if you don't have a serial port built into the back of your mother board.

While I have connected my MP2100 to a PC running Windows XP, I much prefer connecting via Macintosh. This is mostly because I have several older machines that lend themselves well to that task. There are a few "legacy" applications that are good partners with the Newton--like Claris Organizer, for example.

I'm not suggesting that you seek out an older Mac to purchase, just that if you did have one you might, IMHO, find using your Newt to be a more pleasant experience.

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