[NTLK] Update on Love Letter to Newton (film)

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 09:20:02 EST 2017

Yesterday I had the pleasure to meet with Mike from the Newtontalk list. We
live near each other in the greater Montreal area. We met at the "Le
Poutine Bar" and we both ordered "Le Sainte-Rose" Poutine, which was

Mike brought an Original MessagePad (or was it a 100?), Einstein running on
a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and a Cassiopeia WindowsCE device as conversation
pieces, whereas I brought my battered and well-used MessagePad 2000.

Right away I noticed that he kept his Newt in pristine condition. Mine is
missing the port door, the coating is rubbing off, and the screen door is
taped back on, hi-lighting our different personalities!

There were no cameras rolling this time, but the stuff we talked about and
Mike's passion for the Newton and extensive experience with using the newt
convinced me even more that this is going to be a worthwhile film project,
and that if everyone has as much to say as Mike about his life with Newton,
there's really something here.

I can especially identify with Mike's palpable frustration over the
cancellation of Newton, and Apple's decision to absorb it and make it
disappear. I think that's a wound most of us Newt users carry.

More to come.

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