[NTLK] Touch screen stopped working

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Feb 8 19:24:19 EST 2017

Check the following issues in the order mentioned:

1) Try tapping way off where you actually want to tap. Sometimes the
alignment is very poor. In very rare cases this can help to get into the
alignment screen, which can fix things.

1) The black thingie that the stylus lives in is attached to the case
through holes in the mainboard via 4 small golden screws. The upper two
screws are also required to press the digitizer cable to the contacts on the

2) There ought to be a rectangular silicone part below the digitizer cable
contacts. If this part is missing, the digitizer cable will not be
sufficiently pressed to the mainboard even if the screws mentioned above are
in place, resulting in flaky behavior.

3) Make sure the digitizer cable is positioned correctly. It has two tiny
holes next to the contacts that are supposed to fix the cable position. The
case has two tiny pins that should be in the holes.

4) I know you already did, but clean both the mainboard and the cable
contacts again with alcohol.

5) Check not only the contacts, but the whole cable from both sides with a
strong magnifying glass or (better) a microscope. I have had dead digitizers
where the fault was only visible under a microscope.

7) Try your luck without the bezel. Sometimes a digitizer is unwilling to
work because it thinks it is already tapped somewhere close to where it
touches the bezel. This can sometimes be fixed by thoroughly cleaning both
the bezel and the area where it touches the digitizer.

8) If you can, try the digitizer temporarily in another Newton. I could do
this for you, but since I live in Germany, the cost of shipping might be an

Good luck!


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