[NTLK] Cash for books ;-)

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Mon Feb 13 10:15:57 EST 2017

Matthias, perhaps you've already thought of this, but have you perused 
the SA-1100 Technical Reference Manual?

If my memory serves me (though often, it does not), the SA-1100 was 
essentially an integration of the SA-110 core and the vast majority of 
the Voyager chipset's functionality on a single chip die.

The PS-7010 chip incorporated the LCD, DMA, MMU for ROM/DRAM/Flash, RTC, 
timer, interrupt controller, and the four serial channels.  And the 7030 
was the PCMCIA controller of course.

All of this functionality is on the SA-1100, though the documentation 
splits it into three modules: "Peripheral Control" for DMA, LCD, USB and 
serial; "System Control" for RTC, timer, interrupts, GPIO, etc; and 
"Memory/PCMCIA Control" for ROM/DRAM/Flash and PCMCIA.

I am not a hardware guy by any stretch, but I read lots of specs of 
things, and I know that reuse is king in the computing world.

Perhaps there are some clues in there that might help you out.

There is a copy of the manual available here: 



On 13/02/17 04:51 AM, Matthias Melcher wrote:
> After wasting hours on reverse engineering the serial port, I decided to put out a bounty for "the book".
> I am looking for the 202-page book "Voyager - CL-PS7000, Apple Newton PDA Chip Set, Cirrus Logic Internal Engineering Specification" by Warthman Associates.
> I offer 500 Euros for the first person who can send my this book, digitally or physically. Maybe this is a big enough incentive for former engineers or future bounty hunters to look around and find this wealth of information for us developers?
>   - Matthias
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