[NTLK] Cash for books ;-)

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Mon Feb 13 10:26:00 EST 2017

> On Feb 13, 2017, at 4:15 PM, Victor Rehorst <victor at chuma.org> wrote:
> Matthias, perhaps you've already thought of this, but have you perused the SA-1100 Technical Reference Manual?
> If my memory serves me (though often, it does not), the SA-1100 was essentially an integration of the SA-110 core and the vast majority of the Voyager chipset's functionality on a single chip die.

Thanks, Victor!

Yes, I have been studying the SA-1100 and SA-1110 manuals as well as the Cirrus EP93xx documentation. They all are quite similar, yet not the same. A lot of the information can be reused, the basic though process is the same, but the details are different. The register addresses are different and can't always be mapped 1 to 1. The bits within the registers are scrambled, missing, added, inverted, etc. . It's all those little mean things that make programming the emulator more of an experiment in patience than a logic deduction. ;-)

And it would be oh so cool if we had these docs ;-D

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