[NTLK] Developers: Einstein serial port emulation

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Thu Feb 16 09:02:19 EST 2017

Hi developers and self-compilers,

Today I have uploaded a preliminary implementation of the working serial port emulation. There are a few issues with this version. If you do happen to compile or run this, please remember the following points:

1: the emulation is currently for MacOS only. I was trying to be careful, but the current code may or may not compile for other platforms.

2: the emulator patches the REx at runtime. If a different REx than the current official one is used, the patch will likely destroy some unrelated memory cell, which is not good. I will try to fix that ASAP.

3: the code is tested with the Cirrus Debug ROM. I hope it has no negative impact on other ROM versions.

4: the corresponding implementation for Simon Bell's awesome NCX has not been commited to GIT yet. I am getting some HTTP error while sitting in the train. I will try to commit the patch in the next days, or at least make a binary and/or a patch file available.


 - Matthias

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