[NTLK] Newt EL light vs. New EL light

Doug ispinn at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 18:04:54 EDT 2017

Here's a link to some photos showing new, EL panel lighting versus the
OEM EL in my Newt.

It's a half dozen images showing the panel next to the Newt, plugged
in or not. When the power is connected to the new EL panel, the
autoexposure dims the image so much it hides the Newt:


Yeah, it makes the case for replacement. I'll keep everyone advised.

The new EL panel does have a defect in it--I'm hoping it's close
enough to an edge after cutting it in half that I can replace two
Newton EL panels... assuming the same power rating.

Does anyone have those numbers? The Newton's EL power and frequency?


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