[NTLK] Newton 2000 and MacbookAir with NCX (Wifi only)

Cédric SARTOUT cedric at sartoo.fr
Sat Mar 25 10:34:43 EDT 2017

Bonjour Sylvain,

En effet très bonne idée ! … et résultat le ping ne fonctionne pas :-(
Oui c’est ma Freebox qui fourni le wifi.
La carte DELL contient le SSID et la clé web du wifi de ma box (mode infrastructure).

Si je configure NIE avec une IP manuelle (et l’adresse de la freebox en Gateway/Router), lorsque  je tente la connexion TCP/IP avec comme IP celle de mon macbook, aucun message d’erreur mais le ping ne marche pas.
Si je configure NIE en DHCP, la connexion TCP/IP échoue

Il y a forcément un truc que je fais mal, mais quoi ? un routage sur la box à faire sur le port utilisé par le Newton ?



Hello Sylvain,

Very good idea ! ... and result, the ping does not work :-(
Yes it is my Freebox which provided the wifi.
The DELL card contains the SSID and the wifi web key of my box (infrastructure mode).

If I configure NIE with a manual IP (and the address of the freebox in Gateway / Router), when I try the TCP / IP connection with my macbook as IP, no error message but the ping does not work.
If I configure NIE in DHCP, the TCP / IP connection fails

There's bound to be something wrong, but what? A routing on the box to do on the port used by the Newton?

Thank you



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Salut C?dric,
donc si je comprend bien, le routage de ton r?seau Wifi est fourni par ta Freebox ?
Ce que je me demande, c'est si ton Newton se connecte bien ? ton r?seau.
As-tu essay? de faire un ping de ton Newton ? partir de ton Mackbook ?

Hi Cedric,
So if I understand correctly, the routing of your Wifi network is provided by your Freebox?
What I'm wondering is if your Newton connects well to your wifi network.
Did you try to ? ping ? your Newton from your Mackbook?

Sylvain Pilet

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Le 19 mars 2017 ? 14:05, C?dric SARTOUT <cedric at sartoo.fr <mailto:cedric at sartoo.fr>> a ?crit :

> Hello,
> I am French (but that would see you to my bad English) and new on this list.
> I collect mobile and transportable apple devices and am particularly passionate about Newton (http://newpoms.wordpress.com <http://newpoms.wordpress.com/>). I have an OMP, a French MP110 and my favorite an MP2000 and an eMate 300.
> After successfully installing packages in IrDA from my PowerBook G3 series my objective and now to be able to do without my PowerBook (without battery, without wifi) to install complementary packages with my Macbook Air but I have difficulties And as I saw that in the last messages you were talking about NCX I decided to write.
> So I want to configure my Newton 2000 so that it can connect to my MacBook Air with Newton Connection (NCX) in Wifi.
> My Newton has a Dell 1150 series wifi card.
> Here is the setting:
> 1 - Added Newton Internet Enabler (NIE) packages and configuration: manual IP configuration with gateway / router the address of my freebox v5 and Free DNS
> 2 - Added the WAVELAN package and Configuration of the DELL card: Infrastructure mode with the SSID of my wifi and the WEP key of my Freebox
> 3 - Adding the TCP / IP Dock Package to My Newton
> 4 - Setting the TCP / IP dock by setting the IP of my macbook put in "link" my wifi connection and left the Port by default 3679
> NCX 2.3 (OS X El Capitan) is on my macbook and I even disabled my firewall.
> Test:
> 1 - I run the TCP / IP connection of the dock, it seems to work, no error message.
> 2 - If I restart the dock, I have icons retore, install package, ... keyboard, ...
> 3 - If I run NCX I have nothing displayed. I still have the message "Start by establishing a connection from your Newton device" and no display device. In Preferences, Serial I have GoPlayBR-WirelessiAP
> If someone can help me ...
> Thank you in advance.
> C?dric
> http://newpoms.wordpress.com <http://newpoms.wordpress.com/> <http://newpoms.wordpress.com/ <http://newpoms.wordpress.com/>> 

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