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Several users on NTLK (here) have downloaded all of the content available at one time or another on UNNA (as it is constantly changing). Pawel Piotrowski is one such individual; after UNNA first went down he posted that he has that content available for those that might wish to access it. He is active here and will likely post a similar message soon.

The method I use to sync a Newton with an older Mac is by using a product from the company formerly known as Keyspan. This serial adapter features a Mac-centric 8-pin female DIN connector on one end and a USB connector on the other; there might be two such DIN connectors. I personally use the USA-28X B, but there are other variations. You’ll also need an old-style Apple serial cable, which has a male 8-pin DIN connector on each end, known to older Apple and Mac users as either a printer or modem cable. This is how you connect the Newton to the Mac: Newton to serial cable to Keyspan to Mac. Software drivers for the Keyspan might also be required, and are readily available from most of us here if need be (also found online).

Prior to the introduction of USB, such a cable was required for most Apple and Mac peripherals.


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> On Aug 12, 2018, at 8:28 AM, r0 <r0+newton at stupid.industries> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I've slowly started to use my "new" MP130, but I've got some questions about the Newton ecosystem.
> I haven't found much by searching online, so I thought I could ask you guys.
> 1) Does the 130 support all memory card sizes?
> 2) UNNA is down, what are the best apps available for such a Newton?
> 3) What's the best way to sync a Newton to an iMac G3? Should I get one of the expensive serial-to-USB adapters?
> 4) Is IR worth it?
> Thanks for your help :)
> (on a side-note, I'm still looking for more Newton products. message me if interested!)
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