[NTLK] Some newcomer questions

r0 r0+newton at stupid.industries
Sun Aug 12 15:10:09 EDT 2018

> Several users on NTLK (here) have downloaded all of the content
> available at one time or another on UNNA (as it is constantly
> changing). Pawel Piotrowski is one such individual; after UNNA first
> went down he posted that he has that content available for those that
> might wish to access it. He is active here and will likely post a
> similar message soon.

Good to know! I could host a UNNA mirror on my personal server if 

> The method I use to sync a Newton with an older Mac is by using a
> product from the company formerly known as Keyspan. This serial
> adapter features a Mac-centric 8-pin female DIN connector on one end
> and a USB connector on the other; there might be two such DIN
> connectors. I personally use the USA-28X B, but there are other
> variations. You’ll also need an old-style Apple serial cable, which
> has a male 8-pin DIN connector on each end, known to older Apple and
> Mac users as either a printer or modem cable. This is how you connect
> the Newton to the Mac: Newton to serial cable to Keyspan to Mac.
> Software drivers for the Keyspan might also be required, and are
> readily available from most of us here if need be (also found online).

I've heard of these adapters, but they seem pretty rare...
I could not find any Keyspan adapter online, and the Entrega are ~50€ 
with shipping. Guess I'll have to go down that way...

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