[NTLK] rechargeble battery pack for messagepad 2100

Rufus Kohn rufuskohn at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 06:39:31 EDT 2018

Thank you Forrest,
A question of common sense to make the right choice. I will ask Frank to
re-cell one pack and get a some rechargeable cells for the aa tray.

Op di 28 aug. 2018 om 09:32 schreef Forrest <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com>:

> Someone else asked this question not too long ago, and here is the short
> answer:
> Yes, it is possible. I have recalled several  MP2x00 battery packs, and so
> have many others. Frank (Gruendel) offers the service for a small fee.
> It’s not particularly difficult; the hardest part IMHO is getting the new
> batteries back into the case so that it fits properly within the Newton.
> Frank tells how: https://www.pda-soft.de/mp2k_battery_pack.html .
> I decided to go with the AA Alkaline battery tray (or sled, as it is also
> known) and NiMH rechargeable option. There is currently an email thread
> running right now about best types to use, what charger, etc.
> Essentially you would get an AA NiMH wall charger and 8 NiMH AA cells (of
> course). Charge the first set of 4, put them in the tray, install the tray
> in the Newton. Put the second set of cells in the charger. That way you
> always have a fresh set available.
> You CANNOT charge the cells using the Newton’s AC adapter, as you could
> with the original battery tray. First of all, the alkaline battery tray is
> designed in such a way that the Newton “knows” that’s what it is. Secondly,
> there is no thermistor in the tray to let the Newton know when they are
> charged.
> Mahalo,
> Forrest
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> > Hi,
> > I wonder if anybody has succesfully repacked their battery pack. Is that
> > possible? If so which diffeculty degree does such an opperation have?
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