[NTLK] rechargeble battery pack for messagepad 2100

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Tue Aug 28 08:40:33 EDT 2018

> On Aug 28, 2018, at 6:39 AM, Rufus Kohn <rufuskohn at gmail.com> wrote:
> A question of common sense to make the right choice. I will ask Frank to
> re-cell one pack and get a some rechargeable cells for the aa tray.

It’s a good choice to have Frank or another NTLKer who has recelled a rechargeable pack. This discussion regarding options has been throughly fleshed out in the past.

Just to put my two pennies in.

Original Options are:
1) Battery Tray
2) Rechargeable Pack

Current Options are:
1) Battery Tray (w/alkaline or NiMH)
2) Rechargeable Pack  (w/NiMH Original Capacity or higher)

Possible Alternatives:
1) 3D printed in the near future
2) Modified Battery Tray for use with NiMH Only.

I know that Frank’s opinion in the past on this is with concern because if one uses a modified Battery Tray and decides to use alkaline AA’s in them it could pose a possible danger IF you plugged in the power adapter. I know that I made two of them previously. Two prototypes which I believe are still being used. One in my personal MP2100 and one I sold to another list member I believe. *WARNING: The danger is real so IF you do this you do so at your own peril. You are forewarned and I’m can’t be held responsible if anything happens.

The only item I didn’t address back then was the use of a switch to allow the use of alkaline AA’s safely which would prevent the Newton from recognizing the modified Battery Tray as a NiMH. But still if one forgot negative the switch to reflect the correct type of AA cells that would be a problem when using alkaline AA’s.

As a DIYer with just basic tools I just needed to find an appropriate micro switch small enough to mount somewhere to address this issue and be able to tell the Newton if the batteries being used were alkaline or NiMH back then.

IF you are planning to use NiMH AA’s ONLY I think this would be a good option for those users. The only caveat is making one besides the danger if you used alkaline AA’s and plug in a power adapter which the Newton would then attempt to charge the Alkaline AA’s.

I’ll provide the link here:
Prototype Rev1
Prototype Rev2

In Prototype Rev2 photoset I placed a last photo with instructions to remind me how to build them. If this is something you might want to do all you need for parts is a battery tray and a rechargeable pack and merge the two together. I’ve so little time now a days that I don’t do this stuff anymore other than for personal use. Plus I’d need to get better tools also lol.


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