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Allen Russell Allen.Russell at linde.com
Sat Feb 3 21:25:36 EST 2018

I love your idea, so clever.  "how do I use what the newton is capable of and connect it to 2018 technology to solve a problem (ssl/tsl web sites)."  Right, use an R-Pi zero.  Why not.

>From: Abraham Limpo <abraham at familialimpo.net<mailto:abraham at familialimpo.net>>

>Hellow fellow newtontalkers!

>I know the idea of browsing websites with the newton is not very appealing but I kept thinking about it and finally got my first prototype working.

>Because I don't think I can attach images to the mail, follow the link to see the newton companion, prototype 1, in all its "glory" (or it was gory?) >http://files.nekoplanet.com/newcom.jpg

>So far the thing can bridge a PPP conection through the modem and a modern Wify at flazing 36k (i think it can go up to 250k but I would need to fix >the impedance problem with the max3232). The modem so far has been tested only on my emate and newton 2k, but should work with any serial >equipped macintosh that supports PPP.

>Next thing should be implementing some kind of internet "translator" to adapt the pages to sizes the newton will understand, and I also want it to be >able to syncronize packages and do backups, but, hey, it's a start.

>The definitive version will be battery powered and will fit on a case no bigger than the old newton modem.>

>Cheers and happy Newton year ;)

>PD: Also may poutine be with you

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