[NTLK] New PDA gizmo folks might be interested in

Gene Beaird bgbeaird at sbcglobal.net
Tue Feb 6 13:21:13 EST 2018

Not sure how big and feature-rich that keyboard is, but I did a little work on a Raspberry Pi, and when I ordered it, I also picked up a Stellar Labs blue-tooth keyboard/trackpad that I thought I could use on the Pi.  The keys are so close together on this keyboard that it’s almost unusable, and I don’t have large hands.  Luckily, the Pi had enough open USB ports I just plugged in a regular keyboard and used that.  

I DO, however, find pointing devices and an on-screen keyboard to be much more accurate and quicker to use than mashing the screen with my fingers.  I’d find utility in a tablet with a dock for a stylus like my Newts have.  


Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas

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> As a collector of ancient and obsolete PDAs (in addition to my MP2100 I also have a Sharp Zaurus ZR-5800, Handspring Visor, BlackBerry Curve, HP Jornada, HP iPAQ, etc.), I am intrigued by this device. While I don?t see it replacing my iPhone or iPad Pro, the idea of a ?real? keyboard on such a small device has a definite appeal.
> Is there anyone ?out there? actively considering this?
> Mahalo,
> Forrest

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