[NTLK] Followup: Looking for people participating in making a Newton song for Noah's film

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Sun Feb 18 22:05:43 EST 2018

First things first: The karaoke track I have chosen wasn't chosen because it
was close to the original song, but because it was all instrumental. All
other tracks I have tried have a choir for the chorus part that sings the
original text, which makes these tracks unusable.

> Been trying to see how the timing to sing it to those lyrics go but I?m
having trouble.

I have figured out the guitar chords yesterday, and I am currently working
on an Audacity file that has the karaoke song in wave form in one track and
the guitar chords in text form below that track. That way it will be easy to
play along, because you will hear the karaoke track, and you will see when
the next chord is due. Audacity can record your guitar while playing the
karaoke track for you. Once you get the hang of it, it is really easy.

I am also working on a text file that has the chords above the text, so you
will know when to play which chord while singing.

Both files are almost ready, but it is after three AM here and I will have
to work today, which requires a minimum of sleep. I will publish the files
tomorrow night or Tuesday night at the latest.

Once these files are published, I will add a vocals track sung by yours
truly. That track will not be much fun to listen to because a) I will
probably have no more than a handful of minutes to make it and b) the music
recording equipment like microphone etc. that is currently at my disposal is
probably worth ten bucks all in all. If at all. However, you will hear where
to place the words :-)

> I don't think it was intended to be sung when it was written. I have tried
multiple times--every time it shows up--and can't find a way to make it fit
the music. :-(

Rest assured that it is possible. Wait and see...

> And that karaoke song is pretty crap (no offence).

I am perfectly aware of that. As I said before, it isn't my intention to
keep it in the final song. But lacking a human conductor we all can see, we
need something we all can sing or play along to. Otherwise everyone would
use a different tempo, a different melody and maybe even a different key.
Once we have a sufficient amount of tracks, we can simply kick the karaoke
track out. Time permitting, I might be able to provide guitar, ukulele and
mouth-organ tracks. Maybe piano, too. But I am not an expert with any of
these instruments, so I will yield happily to anyone who plays them better.

Another thing that would come in handy is a percussion track. 

> Attached link to first attempt at first verse. Sorry for shitty voice, I
have a bit of a cold. http://files.nekoplanet.com/newton_pie_first_try.mp3

This is not at all shitty. As a matter of fact I think it is pretty good.
Thank you for sharing it, and special thanks for the courage it took to do
so. Be aware that if one doesn't like one's singing, there's always reverb.
Audacity can do this quite well, and 99 out of 100 times it really improves
things :-)

Folks, I wasn't aware that my plan would meet so many obstacles, and I think
it would not make all that much sense if a lot of people try to figure out a
way to make the lyrics fit the melody better. Most likely, each individual
result would be better than what we have now, but the results wouldn’t go
all that well together. So some people would waste a lot of time.

Although I am perfectly aware that many people can do this much better than
I can, I would suggest ýou hold your horses for a while and wait for the
files I mentioned above. We could then discuss those, or if we agree they
are OK at least from a composer's point of view, you could simply sing or
play along.

Some finishing words...

We need not be perfect. Most of us aren't singers or musicians. So what! I,
for one, could not care less. What Noah makes is a film about the Newton. A
Newton user came up with the text. And Newton users should provide the rest
of the song. This will be the only film made by a Newton user in which there
is a song arranged, sung and played by Newton users! It would be a really
cool accomplishment if such a song, made by people from all over the world
who have never seen each other face to face, saw the light of the day. I
would consider it a honor to be part of such a song, and to be part of
Noah's film! 

Last not least: Could you please oh please trim your replies before you
reply? Although it is kind of fun getting NewtonTalk digests that are on the
long side for a change, we don't really need the lyrics over and over again.
And at 3AM, this makes it difficult for yours truly to fish out the
important information.



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