[NTLK] NOOB Questions

Fritz Toch birddog at me.com
Tue Feb 20 12:10:53 EST 2018

Hello. Not exactly a new user, as I owned an OMP, a 2100, and an Emate way back when, but definitely not current.
I’m getting a decent-condition Emate shortly. I hope to use it as a distraction-free writing platform. I know that the battery pack needs rebuilding, and the screen still works. Questions:
1. I don’t know if it has the memory expansion. Is PCBMan still around?
2. Connectivity: would bluetooth sharing be the best way to go? Someone in Germany is selling new Pico Bluetooth cards on eBay for a decent price.
3. NCU is basically useless now I suppose, does anything sync to desktop contacts/calendar/notes/Works on modern PC or Mac OS?
3. Does anyone know a “definitive” list of ethernet and wifi cards that are supported with Lantern patch/More Wifi Cards? 
4. Is there a marketplace here for hardware?
5. Who is still selling apps for Newton? I will support developers if I can.
6. Thinking about the overclock instructions from Stephanie Maks. Anyone have comments on the long-term usefulness/reliability of this? Think it will break Bluetooth communication while overclocked?
Thanks everyone.

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