[NTLK] Followup on Newton song

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Feb 21 18:47:00 EST 2018

Hi all,

It took me a day longer than expected. I thought this song only had four
verses, but in fact it has five...

The pdf file that shows the text and the chords is almost ready. It's
currently being checked by my tireless editor Doug. Once that's finished,
it'll be uploaded immediately.

The Audacity file is also finished. I did not only add a text track that
shows the chords, but also a text track that shows (surprise...) the text.
That way you can keep your eyes glued to one and only one spot, and you will
see both the chords and the text come up. That way you won't have to learn
things by heart, which would cost time we don't have at the moment. This
file will be updated if Doug suggests any last minute text changes and
uploaded immediately afterwards.

Tonight or tomorrow I'll make sure that the chords I put in the pdf file and
into Audacity do actually match and are correct. My "musical ear" says they
do, but said ear has been wrong in the past, so better safe than sorry.

Since a couple of minutes ago you'll find a proof of concept file here:


Note that this link is case-sensitive.

I recorded this mainly in order to check that my old microphone and
headphone work OK with my new computer, and that Audacity will allow me to
do what I intend to do without having to spend hours on reading
documentation. The good thing with Audacity is that its creator implemented
most things exactly the way I'd have done it. For me this product is almost
self-explanatory. Moreover, it's freeware, and it's incredibly good. I've
been using it for years, and it has never crashed yet.

The quality of this song snippet is not very good. In my scale of things
musical, I'd probably rate it "a tiny bit better than poor". However, my
secret hope is that we have better singers among our list members, and that
my voice can hence be removed in the final song.

Again, I ask you to hold your horses for a little longer. I have changed the
text slightly to make it flow better with the melody and to make it easier
to understand for non-native speakers. So the current text is not 100% the
same as the one I posted a couple of days ago. If you started using the old
text, it would complicate things unnecessarily.

Once I have uploaded the two files mentioned above, I will also upload 

a) a mp3 file that contains the full karaoke track and 
b) a mp3 file that contains the full karaoke track plus a voice track
recorded by yours truly.

Chances are slim that I'll sing exactly as outlined in my own Audacity file.
Sometimes I deliberately sing a little off-beat. Sometimes I also do that,
but not deliberately. For example because I made a mistake that I'm too lazy
to correct. But if you have a full vocals track, regardless of its quality,
it'll be easier for us to synchronize our voices, which will make things
easier for you and the overall result much nicer to listen to. As I
mentioned before, my voice needn't necessarily be kept in the final song.
That'll depend on how many of you will give this a try.



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