[NTLK] Einstein binary pre-release with BasiliskII/serial port support

Sylvain Pilet pilets at mac.com
Wed May 16 13:00:03 EDT 2018

Hi Mahias,

That's very good news !

I can not use this function, Basilisk is well configured (I add the script in the serial port settings (/tmp/pty.basiliskII) I checked, it is present in my tmp folder .
I have the latest release with the addition of "External Serial Port Driver".

On Basilisk, it seems to work, when I start a connection via NTK, he is waiting for a new Newton.
But then on Einstein I do not see what to change. In the Dock, you have to choose "Serial »?

Sylvain Pilet

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Le 12 mai 2018 à 08:58, Matthias Melcher <m.melcher at robowerk.de> a écrit :

> Hi friends,
> Compiling Einstein can be a hassle. This is why I added another pre-release to github which contains the newest ready-to-run Einstein App:
> https://github.com/pguyot/Einstein/releases/tag/2018.5.extr
> Just download the package, start it, and it will install Einstein.app in the /Applications folder.
> This version includes a new choice in the Preferences for selecting a serial port emulation. Einstein needs to restart for new settings to take effect.
> Probably the most exciting one is "BasiliskII" serial port emulation. Download BasiliskII in a somewhat recent version for MacOS. Install a Quadra or whatever ROM and the system disk image and the developer disk image from Unna. Set the BasiliskII Modem port to "/tmp/pty.BasiliskII". Launch Basilisk and Einstein. Both emulators should connect, just as if you had a Classic Mac and a MessagePad connected via a serial port cable.
> I have tested NTK and NCU, and they work just fine.
> Now there is no longer an excuse for not writing new apps in NTK.
> - Matthias
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