[NTLK] Einstein binary pre-release with BasiliskII/serial port support

Matthias Melcher m.melcher at robowerk.de
Wed May 16 17:36:26 EDT 2018

> On May 16, 2018, at 19:00, Sylvain Pilet <pilets at mac.com> wrote:
> Hi Mahias,
> That's very good news !
> I can not use this function, Basilisk is well configured (I add the script in the serial port settings (/tmp/pty.basiliskII) I checked, it is present in my tmp folder .
> I have the latest release with the addition of "External Serial Port Driver".
> On Basilisk, it seems to work, when I start a connection via NTK, he is waiting for a new Newton.
> But then on Einstein I do not see what to change. In the Dock, you have to choose "Serial »?

The correct Einstein version has the item "External Serial Port Driver" in the menu which you must set to "BasiliskII". WHen you launch Einstein, a file named "/tmp/pty.BasiliskII" should appear in the Mac file system.

In BasiliskII, set the Modem port to "/tmp/pty.BasiliskII", either in the preferences dialog, or by editing the file ..basilisk_ii_prefs in your home directory directly and setting the seriala line to:

seriala /tmp/pty.BasiliskII

In Basilisk, launch Newton Toolkit, cancel opening a project, press Apple-K to connect Inspector. A dialog appears: "Waiting to make serial connection...".

On Einstein, make sure that Toolkit.pkg is installed. Launch Toolkit. Tap on "Connect Inspector". A brief dialog appears "Connecting Inspector" and vanishes. 

On the Basilisk side, you should see the Inspector with an open toolbox icon. Type something, like "2+2" and press Apple-Return. The Newton should answer "#1    4".

Or, on Basilisk start Newton Connect Utilities. The icons are grayed out. You may have to disable NewtonTalk. If you have a typo in the serial port name, you should get a dialog telling you that it can't open the "modem" port.

On the EInstein side, start "Dock" and "Connect via Serial". The various icons shouls appear.

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