[NTLK] Newton movie

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Tue May 22 13:23:30 EDT 2018

Hi Rufus!

The Newton film is mostly finished, I have some important work to do concerning fact checking, legal stuff, a few content tweaks, etc. I got steamrolled by my actual job a few times during this project and that is what is preventing me from finishing everything, but I hope to be able to get it out to the backers within the month.

But the film is entering the RC (Release Candidate) phase and hopefully soon will be Golden Master, or did I get those two reversed? At that point I will release to the backers, enter it in some festivals, and raise a little extra cash to pay for a distribution service to get the film on some platforms where it can be bought, as well as on the film website.

Thanks everyone for your patience.


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