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> What a good story.

Thank you Ronnie. Good to hear from you. (-:

> My almost forgotten equivalent was ?.

I was travelling in a car from the local airport and without traffic issues, the journey would have been 15 mins to the client?s office. 
However, there was an incident with two lorries which caused a 3 hour congestion and even though I had the latest MS Windows laptop ( $6000 plus) it needed 2 applications to put graphics and calculations on the same page and in the back of car, there was no connectivity ! 
Luckily I had my Newton Messagepad 2000 and with the ability out-of-the-box to merge graphics and calculations on the same page, I was able to send by fax all of the key questions, the tentative agenda and a contact email address to address clarification points. I eventually arrived 2 hours late and I received a multi-million dollar order for the next phase of the project :-) 

> A $1000 device had saved the day :-)

Right on !

> Ronnie Simon
On 21 Nov 2018, at 08:35, sir iZaac <sirizaac at gmail.com> wrote:

My manager needed a printed copy of the hours I had worked over the past several weeks. Anticipating this request, I'd created a Works spreadsheet approximately 3 weeks prior. I asked where the plug is located and the printer's network name. Launched Works, printed it on the Apple LaserWriter, and handed to him within a few seconds. He was completely surprised and asked how I did it. I showed him my spreadsheet on the MP2K. He then asked if I could remove the labels and print it again. Within a few seconds I presented it without labels. Impressed, he wandered back to his office. I was paid in full the following week. (-:

Newton Never Dies; It just gets it's batteries recharged.

Mailed from my treehouse

sir iZaac



Newton Never Dies; It just gets it's batteries recharged.

Mailed from my treehouse

sir iZaac

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