[NTLK] Mail V; Voice Recorder

Forrest Buffenmyer newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 5 05:24:25 EDT 2018

So as was evident by the duplicate emails, I’ve been working with Mail V.

I won’t go into great detail about that experience; let’s just say that I got another MP2100 out of its storage to make sure it still worked, etc. At one point I tried to send an email and could not, and after a bit realized I did not have Mail V on it, for some reason. I connected up an older Dell Latitude, an Iogear GUC-232A and the Newton’s cable and dongle to re-install Mail V and all its various parts.

I could not get it to work. I recalled from before that it can be a bit finicky at times, as it wants things just so. After several hours deleting and re-entering the email parts of my Owner Info and fussing around the settings I was able to get it to work, although I have NO idea what I did finally that was so much different than what I had been doing.

While it seems to work okay now, I am perplexed about one thing: no matter what I do, the email name in the Mail V Assistant says “-no email-“. It correctly lists the incoming and outgoing server information under the also-correct name of the email. Simply put, it looks like this:

(There is a check mark, then) Newton-Phoenix
-no e-email-
mail.mindspring.com              newton_pho....(it fades it out)
smtpauth.earthlink.net:587   newton_pho...(again, it fades it out).

Before any discussion ensues—all that information is correct and is the same on my other devices—except for the :587, which is the port that EarthLink now uses for outgoing mail. I had to add that or nothing was happening.

I tried entering a password under Email (the first mention) in the Owner Info...I seem to recall that was not only unnecessary but actually discouraged. It did not make a difference.

Any ideas? Apparently this is a non-issue and is not required, as Mail V seems to work okay. Still, I thought it WAS necessary.

ALSO: I installed the Voice Recorder package. After a couple of tries it demands that I register or it won’t work. I sent an email as instructed and BIG SURPRISE it bounced. Is there a workaround for this?


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