[NTLK] Leaky battery!

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Sep 18 19:33:22 EDT 2018

> Just pulled some Newton stuff out of storage and discovered I have a
battery pack that's leaking / corroded pretty badly.
> is it worth trying to salvage the case plastics so it can be rebuilt, or
is it just dangerous trash at this point?

By all means salvage it. You can split the pack at the seams, which is how
I've been doing things for years. The reason why I still recommend cutting
of the lid is because that keeps the overall structure of the back more or
less intact. You will get the pack easier into and out of the Newton, and it
will be more sturdy than after having cut it in half. Especially if you have
done that for the first time ever.

As to cleaning the contacts: I admit I'm not an expert, so I never used
baking soda or vinegar. I always used alcohol pads, which are doing their
job quite well ;-)



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