[NTLK] Routine Poutine and Newton Love Notes

Jon Glass jonglass at usa.net
Wed Sep 19 09:37:06 EDT 2018

I know I've been mostly silent on the list in recent years, but I'm still
here, and reading everything. My "daily" 2100 is  sitting on my desk again
(usually with batteries out to preserve them), getting occasional use,
mostly for reference, but also just to jot things to myself on occasion,
but I finally got around to watching the film


I say without shame, that I had tears welling up in my eyes through most of
the film. To finally see some people I've long known through this list, or
through the web community or just because of their involvement in the
Newton development, was far more emotional than I expected. And the ending
was especially poignant. It is a beautiful film. Great job Noah. Great job
to all who were involved. It is a beautiful and very fitting tribute to our
Little Green Friend. I will cherish this film until the end of my life, and
can't imagine not watching it frequently.


There was a small Easter egg for me at the very end! During the credits, a
photo scrolls by with Paul Zenk's name attached to it (Hi Paul if you read
this!), but it is actually a photo of both Paul and me on the train
platform in Krakow, taken at the end of his family's visit to us in Krakow
a number of years ago. It must have been between 2001 and 2003.

Once again, thanks to all involved for the warm fuzzies. :-)
Jon Glass
jonglass at usa.net
jonglass at mac.com

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