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Wed Apr 10 14:46:51 EDT 2019

Sadly, newer devices will never have that linking functionality due to the security issues it opens up.  The Newton was long before all the "bad actors" that we have nowadays in the computing world.  The Newton would share data between all packages/apps.  Which gave it such power.  You could link two items from two totally different packages and it worked.  Or if you asked it to schedule a meeting at a certain time (using your preferred PIM) with a certain person it would pull all the data and link it in the reminder.

Now though, everyone uses a different data storage method and most programs can't talk with one another directly without your express consent.  Even then it is usually limited, if they can at all again because of the different storage methods.  There is "sharing" but it is much more limited with regard to what the Newton could do, and it isn't the kind of links we are talking about either.


On 4/10/2019 12:38 PM, Mark Kuberski wrote:
> Hi Grant, Martin,
> RIGHT ON!  You hit the nail on the head,
> "One nice thing that one can do with a Newton, is making complex documents,
> that mix text and drawings in the same page"
> This something that the iPad cannot do yet.  Hence the reason, I bought
> another Newton from this group and am using it daily for my work notes.
> Also LINKING is absolutely incredible, nothing like that exists on our
> current tech products.
> Love live the Newton!
> Mark

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