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Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 15 18:16:30 EDT 2019

Hi Laurence!
Einteins runs great on a standard Samsung Note 9.The Note 10 5G with a bit larger screen and no cutout hole in the screen as the regular Note 10 does, might be better.
It really is blazing fast to me, but I had only my Newton (MP 130) in the Fax era, as reference, so I really really not that sure.The pen really works fine, but I miss my Newton telescopic pen!
I hope to get myself a Newton 2100 from eBay in the near future.
I have just found out, after many days of hard work trying, that I can send email to anyone using Simple Mail with a paid domain server called dynonames and its email server called pop.secureserver.net
Unfortunately, I cannot receive emails.
I am currently trying to make an universal solution for email (and other things) in the form of an Android companion app for Einstein and for Physical Newtons.
I have so far being able to configure an existing Android email server app to see if communication is possible in a device running this sort of companion app, and Einstein (which is the probably the defaul scenario for future new Newtons), and I am pleased to confirmed that the communication flows. For now, only thru Mail V, because regular default ports for emailing are blocked by the Android Operating system, and the only way to specify non-default ports that I know of, is only using Mail V email app.
The communication itself was a success, and because it was done internally from Einstein to Android, with non changing suggested port. There are logs of the success, but at the end, what they speak about, and other things need a bit of work, but communication channel is there, up and working, and that’s a good first step in this long journey!
When you send email, thru an email server that accepts Newton emails, you can send either typed text o drawing, but not paintings (thru NewtWork Draw), nor text and drawings in the same document.
That’s why I am also looking for Print-To-PDF for then emailing solution too.
I have been looking to setup a LPR printer server (using Newton’s LPR printing driver).I have posted in FreeLancer for the Job, and other places, but still cannot find a working solution, but I will keep looking.
Hopefully today, Hansy Schmidt, a friend of my is arriving.He like to write software Drivers just for fun!!!I hope to take him into the Green side!
I truly believe that Newtons wonderful printing capabilities (you can press “preview” before print to check it out yourself), is definitely something that makes Newtons very useful.Making PDFs out of what it wants to print, is something worthwhile developing.Once you have the PDF, there is no place you cannot print it, or just send it by email.
Also I suggest looking for Newton Museum.dmg torrentIf you used to have any Newton app before, it is a good chance there is a copy there to recover.
At the end, a new Newton App Store would be in order, once this small things are fixed :)
Good Luck!
Stay Green :)
PS: If you have trouble connecting or installing the drivers to connect to the internet, date bug fix, please let me know. If you are running Einstein, I can send you a blank/empty Newton memory file, with everything setup and working.

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