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Jon Glass jonglass at usa.net
Tue Apr 16 07:02:30 EDT 2019

any thoughts on this puppy anyone?


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> Hi Laurence!
> Einteins runs great on a standard Samsung Note 9.The Note 10 5G with a bit
> larger screen and no cutout hole in the screen as the regular Note 10 does,
> might be better.
> It really is blazing fast to me, but I had only my Newton (MP 130) in the
> Fax era, as reference, so I really really not that sure.The pen really
> works fine, but I miss my Newton telescopic pen!
> I hope to get myself a Newton 2100 from eBay in the near future.
> I have just found out, after many days of hard work trying, that I can
> send email to anyone using Simple Mail with a paid domain server called
> dynonames and its email server called pop.secureserver.net
> Unfortunately, I cannot receive emails.
> I am currently trying to make an universal solution for email (and other
> things) in the form of an Android companion app for Einstein and for
> Physical Newtons.
> I have so far being able to configure an existing Android email server app
> to see if communication is possible in a device running this sort of
> companion app, and Einstein (which is the probably the defaul scenario for
> future new Newtons), and I am pleased to confirmed that the communication
> flows. For now, only thru Mail V, because regular default ports for
> emailing are blocked by the Android Operating system, and the only way to
> specify non-default ports that I know of, is only using Mail V email app.
> The communication itself was a success, and because it was done internally
> from Einstein to Android, with non changing suggested port. There
> are logs of the success, but at the end, what they speak about, and other
> things need a bit of work, but communication channel is there, up and
> working, and that’s a good first step in this long journey!
> When you send email, thru an email server that accepts Newton emails, you
> can send either typed text o drawing, but not paintings (thru NewtWork
> Draw), nor text and drawings in the same document.
> That’s why I am also looking for Print-To-PDF for then emailing solution
> too.
> I have been looking to setup a LPR printer server (using Newton’s LPR
> printing driver).I have posted in FreeLancer for the Job, and other places,
> but still cannot find a working solution, but I will keep looking.
> Hopefully today, Hansy Schmidt, a friend of my is arriving.He like to
> write software Drivers just for fun!!!I hope to take him into the Green
> side!
> I truly believe that Newtons wonderful printing capabilities (you can
> press “preview” before print to check it out yourself), is definitely
> something that makes Newtons very useful.Making PDFs out of what it wants
> to print, is something worthwhile developing.Once you have the PDF, there
> is no place you cannot print it, or just send it by email.
> Also I suggest looking for Newton Museum.dmg torrentIf you used to have
> any Newton app before, it is a good chance there is a copy there to recover.
> At the end, a new Newton App Store would be in order, once this small
> things are fixed :)
> Good Luck!
> Stay Green :)
> Martin
> PS: If you have trouble connecting or installing the drivers to connect to
> the internet, date bug fix, please let me know. If you are running
> Einstein, I can send you a blank/empty Newton memory file, with everything
> setup and working.
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