[NTLK] Memory Card Available for Bootstrapping?

Eric Gagnon eric at jumpcode.com
Tue Aug 13 13:48:12 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone:

I'm a new owner of a Newton eMate. I've done the hinge repair and 
rebuilt the battery pack, and am now looking to connect up my Newton 
with my modern Mac desktop.

While waiting for the parts to make my own serial cable (thanks to help 
from Simon Bell, author of Newton Connection) I've heard that some 
Newton users may have a memory card available to loan or sell, with all 
the packages needed to connect to the Internet, drive a WiFi card, ATA 
drivers to support compact flash memory cards, etc.

Do any of you have an internal memory card available to lend or sell? I 
can send or give you a list of the packages I'm looking to transfer, and 
I'd be glad to either pay your postage or buy the card outright. If you 
have one to loan, I promise I'll use it and return it to you right away.

I can be reached directly at eric AT jumpcode.com



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