[NTLK] Maybe looking for a nice MP130

fg2 fg2 at pda-soft.de
Thu Jan 24 12:05:55 EST 2019

> I'm wondering if it would be worth getting an MP130 again.?

As a collector's item it most certainly would. For daily work it probably
wouldn't, at least not for someone used to the speed and elegance of a 2x00
running Newton OS 2.1.

> Was there ever a Y201x fix for MP130 and OS 2.0

Yes, there was. It's called Fix2010 by Avi Drissman. It's free, and you
shouldn't have much of a problem finding it in the web. As opposed to the
OS2.1 date fix, it won't survive a hard reset (brainwipe).

> If an MP130 would be usable these days for calendaring and notes, I wonder
if someone would be willing to trade...?

Be aware that all 130s will start acting up on you when it is least
convenient unless you take care of what I describe here:


Don't hope yours will be the exception to the rule. There are no exceptions.
If you don't feel comfortable soldering tiny surface-mounted components,
make sure to only buy a 130 where this problem has been taken care of. Or
have someone do it for you before you entrust important data to your new
little friend. I can do this for 35 bucks plus what I pay for stamps.

Cheers and good luck


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