[NTLK] Identifying MessagePad 120 with NOS 1.3

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Thu Jan 24 12:05:55 EST 2019

> A MessagePad 120 that shipped with NOS 1.3 has a serial number that ends
in ?1GQ? ... 
> whereas a MessagePad 120 that can be upgraded (or has been upgraded) to
NOS 2.0 has a
> serial number that ends in ?6B5?.

That leaves me puzzled. To the best of my knowledge, ALL 120s can be
upgraded, regardless of their serial number. All you need to do is swap the
ROM board.

There are different MP120 models out there, but apart from the OS the only
difference is the memory. If none of the 3 remaining brain cells containing
my MP120 recollections is on vacation, the earlier model came with 1MB RAM
and the newer model came with 2MB RAM, but both could be upgraded just fine
OS-wise by swapping the ROM board.


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