[NTLK] Newton Appearance on "Schooled"

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Mon Nov 25 10:57:37 EST 2019

> On Nov 24, 2019, at 2:36 PM, Dan <dan at dbdigitalweb.com> wrote:
>> Always great to see a Newton portrayed in the correct context, even it ends up being the butt of a joke.
>> Here are a few screenshots of the scene:
>> https://twitter.com/yesterbits/status/1198515508682919937
> I agree, however the original tweeter needs to read what he tweets. The images clearly show a MP130 not 100 lol.

Yeah, they followed up with a correction after I mentioned the model to them:


> Does anyone know when the show is supposed to be set? 90's I know but early or mid/late? The 130 came out later, only a year or so before the 2000 if I remember correctly.

The show description only states "the nineties" without being too specific.

The MP130 was released in March 1996. The MP2000 was released a year later, almost to the day.



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