[NTLK] 99 days

Donna Momorella gabey8 at aol.com
Sat Feb 22 15:39:58 EST 2020

 The one thing that would get in the way of my trying this is that I need my phone, which is a post-1999 device.

But I am currently tracking down various AA-powered PDAs on eBay, some of which definitely are old enough to qualify for this experiment.

One other issue is that there aren't too many dialup internet providers anymore, so even if I had a modem card for these older devices, and I do actually have a PCMCIA modem around here, getting online the old-fashioned way would be a hassle. We might have to cheat and use wifi cards.
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> Might you consider creating the project using 16mm or 35mm motion picture sound sync film via the appropriate equipment ?

I did think about this a little, it would be wonderful to shoot at least some of the project in real film. Unfortunately film is expensive, so we would be talking about a much higher budget. The flip-side is that shooting on film really makes you think carefully about what you’re about to shoot, and not capture things without purpose.

I’ve never had the means to shoot on 16mm or 35mm, but I’m familiar with Super8.



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