[NTLK] Followup - Newton 2x00 not turning off - What can it be?

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Jan 15 18:25:58 EST 2020

> Do you have a complete list of all the apps installed on the Newton when
the defect appears? 

Well, I installed 

- Dash Board 
- MoreInfo, includes At-A-Glance and Quiet
- UnlimitedFolders
- UnlimitedToDos
- Affiliate Plus
- FlightRecorder
- EspyEnabler 
- HW Instructor 
- NewtGreek font
- Something called "Options" that adds useful options. 
- SBM Utilities
- Styles Extra 
- TimeDate Set 
- NewtTest  

Apart from NewtTest, which I wrote myself and hence can more or less vouch
for, I have zero experience with any of these packages.

> It is strange though freezing all the apps didn't fix it until you did a
brain wipe.
> That means whatever the package is doing is modifying the prefs soup (my
hunch anyway).

Maybe. But an entry in the prefs soup that makes the Newton automatically
turn on after its user just turned it off? I can't think of any reason why
someone should want this, so I can't imagine such a setting being available
in the first place. But your mention of soups gave me an idea. Maybe I can
clean some of the packages' soups and see what happens. But first of all I
need to get the problem back :-(

> I also assume it never goes off by itself?

I can't answer this question. After a brainwipe and a backup restore, i. e.
when things are still OK, the sleep preference is set to 5 minutes and
"Don't sleep when plugged in" is checked. If I set the former to one minute
and uncheck the latter, the Newton will turn off after about 90 seconds,
regardless of whether it is or isn't plugged in. I can't say yet if the
behavior is the same when the problem occurs, since I've played with Lady
Newt for the better part of three hours now, and I'm still waiting for this
problem to resurface. Setting the sleep preference to 1 minute wouldn't be a
solution, but it'd at least make her usable again. 

> when you use a battery package that gives details about the battery and
charging (there are several)
> does it say it is plugged in? Or anything else unusual?

The battery info to the right of the contrast slider says "Adapter" when I
plug the adapter in, and it says "Battery" if Lady Newt is powered by
alkaline batteries in the battery holder. I do not have a rechargeable
battery at the moment, so I can't test if this is recognized and charged


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