[NTLK] Followup - Newton 2x00 not turning off - What can it be?

Dan dan at dbdigitalweb.com
Thu Jan 16 01:50:33 EST 2020

On 1/15/2020 6:25 PM, NewtonTalk wrote:
>> Do you have a complete list of all the apps installed on the Newton when
> the defect appears? 
> Well, I installed 
> - Dash Board 
> - MoreInfo, includes At-A-Glance and Quiet
> - UnlimitedFolders
> - UnlimitedToDos
> - Affiliate Plus
> - FlightRecorder
> - EspyEnabler 
> - HW Instructor 
> - NewtGreek font
> - Something called "Options" that adds useful options. 
> - SBM Utilities
> - Styles Extra 
> - TimeDate Set 
> - NewtTest  
> Apart from NewtTest, which I wrote myself and hence can more or less vouch
> for, I have zero experience with any of these packages.
I have for all but Espy Enabler and Affiliate Plus and never had this problem.  I would start with those two.

>> It is strange though freezing all the apps didn't fix it until you did a
> brain wipe.
>> That means whatever the package is doing is modifying the prefs soup (my
> hunch anyway).
> Maybe. But an entry in the prefs soup that makes the Newton automatically
> turn on after its user just turned it off? I can't think of any reason why
> someone should want this, so I can't imagine such a setting being available
> in the first place. But your mention of soups gave me an idea. Maybe I can
> clean some of the packages' soups and see what happens. But first of all I
> need to get the problem back :-(
I am sure it is not by intent but a side effect of something else.  What that something is I have no idea.  It also might be a combination of two packages combined altering the prefs soup in a unexpected fashion.

>> I also assume it never goes off by itself?
> I can't answer this question. After a brainwipe and a backup restore, i. e.
> when things are still OK, the sleep preference is set to 5 minutes and
> "Don't sleep when plugged in" is checked. If I set the former to one minute
> and uncheck the latter, the Newton will turn off after about 90 seconds,
> regardless of whether it is or isn't plugged in. I can't say yet if the
> behavior is the same when the problem occurs, since I've played with Lady
> Newt for the better part of three hours now, and I'm still waiting for this
> problem to resurface. Setting the sleep preference to 1 minute wouldn't be a
> solution, but it'd at least make her usable again. 
A 'interesting' bug/conflict/problem since it hasn't come back again but always did in the past. I am assuming you now having sleep set to 5 minutes?  If so and it hasn't had the problem again? I am wondering if changing the sleep time was enough to fix it.  Perhaps a change one of the other packages did to the prefs soup and when you changed the sleep time overwrote those changes?

>> when you use a battery package that gives details about the battery and
> charging (there are several)
>> does it say it is plugged in? Or anything else unusual?
> The battery info to the right of the contrast slider says "Adapter" when I
> plug the adapter in, and it says "Battery" if Lady Newt is powered by
> alkaline batteries in the battery holder. I do not have a rechargeable
> battery at the moment, so I can't test if this is recognized and charged
> correctly.
Ok no problem with it determining the power source etc.  

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