[NTLK] Followup - Newton 2x00 not turning off - What can it be?

John Murray jmurrayjr at mac.com
Thu Jan 16 14:56:21 EST 2020

Not sure if this is really going to be helpful, but just wanted to share my own experience..

I applied the 2010 patch to my system some time ago (not even sure when), but I had a weird glitch that kept appearing.
My date would always reset to 2030… Also, if I powered off the device via the switch it would power on immediately. 
Since I wasn’t using it everyday, I never thought too much of it. 
A full wipe I believe resolved it, but only for the short term. It wasn’t until I depressed the soft reset button on the back of my Newt did the issue
finally resolve itself. Now my MP2000 has no issues that I can reproduce now. Weird 

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