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Sat Jun 20 10:36:02 EDT 2020

> Can I use the Newton Power Adapter while AAs are in?

Yes, you can.

> I don't think the Newton Power Adapter would charge the Eneloops anyway.

That's correct. And it's a good thing, because the built-in charge circuitry
isn't all that good. When I test rebuilt batteries, the first discharge
cycle is always about 20% longer than all following cycles. That's because
the cells were charged in a good external charger for the first cycle,
whereas they were charged in the Newton for all subsequent ones.

> For non-rechargeable batteries, I'm wondering if Lithium AAs would be the
way to go, or maybe Rayovac Fusions.

They do last much longer than standard Alkaline batteries, but they cost so
much more that Alkaline cells seem still the better option to me. However,
your best bet these days, in my humble and unimportant opinion, is using
Eneloop Pro cells that you charge in a good external charger. 



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