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Sun Jun 21 13:27:43 EDT 2020

> Is there still such a thing as a "Lender Card" for Newton newbies?

The main purpose of our lender card system is getting the Ethernet drivers
onto the Newton. Since you can't install these packages on a card, the way
to get them onto your Newton is by installing them on another Newton, make a
backup to the lender card and restore this package to your Newton. This,
however, wouldn't help you all that much unless you have an Ethernet or a
WLAN card that'll work in the Newton.

I don't know how many of the list members who were once participating in
this system are still active, but if you can't find anyone living closer
than Germany, I can help you out. The backup will not only contain Apple's
drivers, but a lot of other stuff that will make getting connected more
likely to succeed. You'd pay 15 bucks plus shipping up front, and I'd send
an Intel 20MB flash card with a backup to you. If you keep the card, that's
it. There are a lot of way more expensive ways of getting such a card. Come
to think of it, almost EVERY way of getting such a card is more expensive
these days.

If you don't want to keep the card, you send it back at your expense and I'd
refund the 15 bucks. I can, within reason, install other packages on this
card as long as they are shareware or freeware. But I'd ask you to limit the
list to what you really need :-)

Another option would be your sending me one of your own cards. I'd back my
Card-Lender-Frankenstein-Newton-2000 up to it and send the card back. All
this would set you back is the cost of shipping to Germany and back.



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