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Date: Tue Jun 04 2002 - 13:31:47 EDT

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From: Jack Skoda
Subject: [NTLK] Coming back to Newton

> - I've got a C-Pen 600C that I use to scan quotes from books,
>I can't seem to beam things into the Newton from the C-pen.
>I see there's this package called "BackTalk" but the
>web site has been static for a year or so. Can I still register
>the software?

Yep. I registered BackTalk two months ago. It took a few days, but that's
because the guy (and Smart Dog is now a one-man company) was away for a few

> - I'm on MacOS X and an Entourage users. Is there a way to sync
>between the Newton and Entourage? I haven't seen much in the
>way of Newton-OSX stuff (of course the newtontalk archives
>just came up, I'll look there next ;-)

I think you're looking for this:

> - My rechargeable battery pack doesn't seem to want to hold
>more than an hour of power. Should I buy one off e-Bay?
>Can you still get new battery packs? Is there a magical
>way to refresh my existing battery?

Your best bet is to either rebuild your current pack or get someone to do
it for you. Check out Frank's battery pack rebuilding page:

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