Re: [NTLK] IRDA and IrTalk????

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Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 01:03:58 EDT

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> I have a Powerbook 1400cs, and it has an infrared port at tha back, but
> when i try to open the infrared control panel, the system says that
> IrDa is not present... i made a sherlock search on my hard disk, and
> the irda extension was in the system folder... then i open an
> application called IRtalk in my powerbook and it works, but it cant
> connect with my newton (a MP2000), so i suppose that the infrared port
> that the powerbook 1400cs has (not IrDA) its different than the one in
> the newton (I supposed it is an IrDA port), can somebody tell me if im
> right???, or if not, why i cant communicate my PB1400 with the MP2000????

I think, and I repeat, I think that IrDA was first fully implemented on the
first PowerBook G3 Series, the "Wallstreet". Further, what are you using on
your 1400cs to connect to your Newton? NCU? That dog won't hunt, even if you
were using a Wallstreet. NCU doesn't support IrDA. You would have to use the
Newton Data Browser (aka. Newton DIL Tester) from Thomas Tempelmann
<>. But, again, with a
1400cs, I'm not sure it will work.


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