Re: [NTLK] The OQO should have been the new Newton?

From: Laurent Daudelin (
Date: Thu Jun 06 2002 - 01:07:51 EDT

on 05/06/02 18:37, Lee, Christopher J at wrote:

> Perhaps I'm biased, but I've failed to find ANYONE that had a convincing
> argument against using WinXP other than ethical/MSHatred reasons. I've been
> astonishingly pleased with WinXP; I consider it the OS that MS should have
> had to begin with...
> Granted, it is not as elegant as OSX, but then again, what is? Bottom line,
> your avarage office user needs MS compatibility...and the OQO could offer
> the perfect solution for the trveler. I would have loved to have had one of
> these on the trip to Penang I took recently...

Sorry, but I have to disagree here. I maintain my wife's PC, and she often
complains that when waking up the computer, the screen doesn't come up, or
trying to logout, something seems to be stuck somewhere, and that's on a
brand new Dell that came pre-configured with XP, not that someone did hack
around. So, after doing a little research on the net about the problems she
is having, I realized that XP was maybe the most immature product that M$
ever released.

No, thank you.


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