Re: [NTLK] Greek Fonts 'n Unicode

From: Paul Guyot (
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 11:27:25 EDT

Date: Sun, 9 Jun 2002 21:00:17 -0700
From: "Michael 'Mickey' Sattler" <>

>Well, it's been a while since I cracked the Newton programming
>manuals now safely covered with dust in the basement, but some small
>part of my memory remembers that all Newton fonts are Unicode (even
>though the NewtonScript input methods appear to use ASCII).
>I think this is why NewtonBooks (in Unicode, double-byte) are twice
>the size of the ASCII (single-byte) text.

Well, to be exact, the strings on NewtonOS are encoded with Unicode
UCS2. Hence this size of books.

But the fonts don't use anything. They can have a character table
either in Unicode or in MacRoman for the NewtonOS to use them. And
built-in fonts only provide a glyph for MacRoman characters (e.g. you
can't do the power 2 character which is part of ISO-8859-1).


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