Re: [NTLK] Suddenly I can't Backup my Newton

From: Johannes Wolf (
Date: Tue Jun 11 2002 - 04:20:29 EDT

I think that there is one important indication:
the little green LED on your Ethernet card.
Newt are not ok OR the HUB is not ok physically.
If you have the chance - try your Newt with Ethernet card in another Network
starting the Dock application and then search for other computers to
conenct - the LED should definitely shine.
I just checked it - even after a reset the LED should be on for a short time
during initialization of the Ethernet card (at least this is the case for my
3COM, having the LED on the card-plug), even if the card is NOT connected to
any Hub or Network.



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> Hello--It's been awhile since I've needed to request help from the list.
> But now is the time! I've had no trouble Synching and Backing Up my
> Newton 2000 onto my Powerbook G3 (OS Mac 9.1) for a couple of years.
> But suddenly, my Newton can't communicate with NCU on my
> Powerbook. My
> setup is this--a Farallon Ethernet card, plugged into a Farallon hub,
> which is plugged into the Ethernet socket of my Powerbook. I tap Dock and
> then connect on my Newton, the barber pole whirls, then "no response" is
> the message, and the NCU stays ghosted on my Mac.
> I've changed nothing that I can tell from the last time I
> had a routine
> connection and backup which was about two weeks ago (except for
> downloading a trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is working
> fine--could there be a conflict?). Appletalk is set (as always) to
> Ethernet. I've done the usual generic fixes--Restart of both Newton and
> the Powerbook; zapped PRAM, and even rebuilt my desktop--no luck!
> I went to my older desktop Mac, and was able to do a very very slow
> serial backup of my Newton there, so the Newton seems OK.
> There are so many variables. Is it my Ethernet card? Or any of the
> plugs? or the hub? or the NCU software on my Powerbook? I'm not sure where
> to look--or what to do next!
> I noticed that while the Newton is trying to connect to
> NCU, the little
> green light on the Farallon card is NOT blinking--I don't remember if it
> is supposed to light up at that stage--I know it does light up
> intermittently when I am actually doing a backup.
> Please--any advice on how to fix this will be desperately
> appreciated. I
> guess it's good that I can still do a serial backup on my old
> computer--but that is just a reminder of why I switched to Ethernet--what
> a difference!
> Help me get my Ethernet connection back! Jim Charney
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