[NTLK] Suddenly I can't Backup my Newton

From: James Charney (James_Charney_at_FirstClass.choate.edu)
Date: Mon Jun 10 2002 - 19:12:21 EDT

Hello--It's been awhile since I've needed to request help from the list.
But now is the time! I've had no trouble Synching and Backing Up my
Newton 2000 onto my Powerbook G3 (OS Mac 9.1) for a couple of years.
        But suddenly, my Newton can't communicate with NCU on my Powerbook. My
setup is this--a Farallon Ethernet card, plugged into a Farallon hub,
which is plugged into the Ethernet socket of my Powerbook. I tap Dock and
then connect on my Newton, the barber pole whirls, then "no response" is
the message, and the NCU stays ghosted on my Mac.
        I've changed nothing that I can tell from the last time I had a routine
connection and backup which was about two weeks ago (except for
downloading a trial of Adobe Photoshop Elements, which is working
fine--could there be a conflict?). Appletalk is set (as always) to
Ethernet. I've done the usual generic fixes--Restart of both Newton and
the Powerbook; zapped PRAM, and even rebuilt my desktop--no luck!
        I went to my older desktop Mac, and was able to do a very very slow
serial backup of my Newton there, so the Newton seems OK.
        There are so many variables. Is it my Ethernet card? Or any of the
plugs? or the hub? or the NCU software on my Powerbook? I'm not sure where
to look--or what to do next!
         I noticed that while the Newton is trying to connect to NCU, the little
green light on the Farallon card is NOT blinking--I don't remember if it
is supposed to light up at that stage--I know it does light up
intermittently when I am actually doing a backup.
        Please--any advice on how to fix this will be desperately appreciated. I
guess it's good that I can still do a serial backup on my old
computer--but that is just a reminder of why I switched to Ethernet--what
a difference!
 Help me get my Ethernet connection back! Jim Charney

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