[NTLK] Wireless mystery solved, kind of

From: Steven Frank (stevenf_at_panic.com)
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 01:15:47 EDT

So after 3 days of fiddling, I now have my PowerBook, Zaurus, and
Newton, all connected via an Apple Airport Base Station (v2, white)
using 40-bit WEP.

The only remaining odd thing is this: The Zaurus and Newton fail when
they request a DHCP address. The PowerBook works.

If I switch the Zaurus and Newton from DHCP to manual configuration, and
give them IP addresses in the DHCP range, they work.

Oddly enough, if I put the base station into 128 bit WEP, DHCP works
again on the Zaurus (The Newton only has a silver card, and can't do
128 bit). Only when the base station is set to 40 bit WEP does the DHCP
stop working. But it only stops working for the Zaurus and Newton.
*head explodes*

Really weird, but at least it's progress. Any ideas why the Newton and
Zaurus can't get a DHCP response in 40 bit WEP mode?

Gotta go pay Hiroshi now...


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