Re: [NTLK] Brain Surgery

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 01:26:00 EDT

>Paul E Musselman wrote:
>Sometimes 'reseating the cables' (ie unplug and replug) is all that
>it takes to undo a bit of corrosion or crud that's blocking the
You are most likely right there. I live and work in an environment that
has lots of dust and static electricity (Saudi.) I'm constantly trying
to touch something metal before I handle my Newt but I have zapped in
more times then I can remember. (Lots of times through the microphone
hole, screen, PC Cards ;-) and the power connector.) I know that this
constant zapping is degrading my Newt. Maybe the combination of time
and zapping caused some contacts to corrode, Anyway I'm glad I have it
working again and have a backup. :-) This a good lesson for those that
have tried everything short of tearing into the Newt to solve a hardware
problem. Just re-seating the cables could be another way to try and
save your Newt.


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